Due to Super Show 2022 , we might have 1-3days in shipping delays from 9/1/22 to 9/9/22. 

ALL CHROME IS 4-12 weeks minimum wait time. due to pricing & turn around time issues,  we DO NOT stock items in chrome at this time. All parts are sent to chrome as items are ordered. Chrome Prices are subject to change and will be contacted if any increases.  

Polish Upgrade could add up to 10 business days to shipping deadlines 

Any items with Pantheon gears or Image dumps ( lv image & mini monster ) can be up to 2-4 weeks out for assembly and processing.  

** As of 6/16/21 we are only accepting Paypal as a form of payment , due to fraudulent activities beyond our control**


ships with in 2-4 days from time order is processed. if there is a longer wait ,you will be notified by our customer service team.

 IF ANY Item is marked Out of Stock Please email or call the shop for avail. 1-866-magic-33 or blackmagichydraulics@hotmail.com 

We've Moved Our New Address is
4312 E. Alexander Rd., N. Las Vegas, Nv 89115 702-222-2112 / 1866-MAGIC-33