Let’s face it. We do this for fun. We share a common love for putting our time, our efforts and ourselves into a project because we know what we wish they knew. There is nothing quite like a seeing a machine become art.

My name is Ron Eggers and for me, custom hydraulic manufacturing became my life. Since opening my own hydraulics shop after earning an engineering degree from MIT, my innovations quickly lead to dominating the competition circuit, leading the custom parts industry and pushed the art form to new “heights”.

After more than 20 years of busted knuckles, metal slivers and smelling like machine oil, I’ve seen and done it all. From frequent appearances in Low Rider Magazine, record setting hops and more awards than I can fit in my showroom.

That’s all well and gravy but if I didn’t also run a tight ship the fun would have stopped a while ago. With Black Magic Hydraulics parts, a few things are certain: you’ll have haters, parts you love and a competition quality setup.

Black Magic Hydraulics
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