Pantheon High Pressure Gear Pump


Pantheon High Pressure Gear Pump…

Gears could take 2-3 weeks to assemble Even when showing in stock



The “NEXT GENERATION” of gear pump technology and fluid dynamics are upon us.!!!!! After much testing and many different design changes ,we are proud to introduce to the public the “PANTHEON” ™ series of High Pressure gear pumps, The Only American Made competition Pumphead on the market.

This NEW gear pump, features designs from old to new. Utilizing the original (Heart shape) anti-extrusion seal design ,in a CNC machined STEEL flange end caps. Not ,the weaker aluminum or cast iron from previous pumps. New gear spur material ,8630 super alloy with 20% stronger ,then previous used 8620. Along with a harder bearing block material ( 6082 high silicon aluminum alloy) CNC machined, not cast as older designs. Which would fail early under extreme pressure.
Next change ,was the the center body, again we use aircraft grade aluminum and not the softer material used in extruded bar stock. Body diameter was increased to 4″ compared to the 3.650 , this added wall thickness ,increased strength and eliminated the use of a gear clamp. We also finned body to help dissipate heat generated from building higher pressures.

Made in the USA right here at Black Magic Hydraulics …..Buy the Best …..Buy American.

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